Media Interviews with Dr. Vigil-Otero

Helicopter Parents: The Damage of Over-Parenting

February  27, 2013. Dr. Vigil discusses  how parental over-involvement can undermine children's ability to problem solve. Rather than always providing the answer for your child, provide a framework for problem solving. Ask questions, like "what do you think you can do in this situation?" Children as young as eight can weigh pros and cons and identify the best solution. Older children need support rather than the answer. Strike a balance and be supportive without interfering.


Unconventional Parenting?: Celebrity Trends Making Headlines

March 30, 2012. Dr. Vigil-Otero weighs in on celebrity parenting trends.  Dr. Vigil-Otero encourages parents to stay informed before following suite. Some practices, such as mothers eating their placenta, are based on unverified claims with no scientific evidence.  Other issues, such as extended breastfeeding, involve personal preference and making choices that work best for the child and mother.  Parents are encouraged to ask their medical professionals when in doubt. 

Weird celebrity parents:


The Favorite Child: Is There a Science to Favoritism?

September 29, 2011.   Dr. Vigil-Otero explains that there is actually not strong research behind the recent Time Magazine article about the "science" of favoritism.  Even though the article claims that ALL parents favor one child, the reality is not ALL parents play favorites.  

Favorite child: Is it true?:


Emotional Intelligence

 August 30, 2011 Dr. Vigil-Otero discusses the the importance of emotional intelligene.  Fostering emotional and social intelligence can act as a psychological immunization for your children.  For more information, visit Dr. Vigil's Emotional Intelligence Resource Page. 

How to raise your child's emotional quality :


Is Facebook Healthy? 

 August 11, 2011 A new study suggests a relationship between children who overuse social media and anxiety and depression. Parents should not hit the panic button, but should be informed and monitor their children's social media use.  Parents are encouraged to set limits on electronics and talk to children early about appropriate use. Dr. Vigil-Otero recommends that parents start a dialogue with children about cyberbullying, inappropriate online relationships and deleting negative and inappropriate content online.  

Hooked On Electronics?

Are we Hooked on Tronics?: 


Are We Addicted to Junk Food?